Monday, September 7, 2009

A Great Cleanser...

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Did You Know...
...the average American consumes 31 teaspoons per day of added sugar, or the equivalent of 465 calories?

That is ALOT of sugar folks! So, why are we talking about sugar this week? Well I was reading an article about how sugar can actually cause us to wrinkle and make our skin dull over time. Now just because they didn't say that it could have immediate effects, don't take that as "Alright! Let's eat cake today, for tomorrow we shall dullify!" Researchers found that people with diabetes show early signs of skin aging because they went so many years with undetected high blood sugar, so even if you don't have this disease it's wise to avoid going overboard with the sweet stuff, because who knows if tomorrow our Dr. calls with news for us.

Who wants wrinkly, dull skin before their time? I don't. I will welcome it in my old age, but for now I am enjoying all the elasticity my skin can muster up still. So how do I keep this little ol' face of mine in order? Sadly, I neglect it and ignore it half the time, until I need to leave the house or do something important, or be around other humans my height. Kids are too short to notice, so why doll up my chin for them? I am one of those women who sadly....... (please don't throw tomatoes at me all you makeup lovers cause I'm about to tell you my sinful ways) wears makeup all day, forgets it's even on and falls asleep with it on! *GASP! SHOCKING! SHAMEFUL!* I know....or so I thought I knew how horrible it was until I did a little digging around on the Interweb. Turns out wearing makeup to bed isn't all that bad at all. - too many alls just now right? - anyway, so I went on and the lovely Dr. Neal Schultz explained it all in a nice short video. Click on the link and he can explain why sleeping with makeup on won't do anything harmful to your skin for the most part, you just have to look out for some clogged pores if you aren't a back sleeper. (Me? I'm a thrasher and poor hubs wakes up with inexplainable bruises sometimes!)

So what to do to clean your face in a safe and most natural manner? I have been wanting to know and I read that Apple Cider Vinegar could do the trick. I put about 1/4 cup into a bowl and I did the split face test. One side I did just straight up vinegar, the other side I used the vinegar and 1 tsp of honey. I'll tell ya what, both sides feel just as soft as what I imagine the first day I was born felt like. So I would say to save your money and your honey and just use the vinegar by itself. I put it on *warning! avoid getting it in your eyes! trust me.* (always in an upward motion as my first makeup artist roomate used to tell me) and pretty much a minute later washed it off, patted dry with a cotton towel and then my face looked really clear and it felt clean. I did a slight scrape just ever so lightly on the surface to see if there was any makeup residue and there was none so voila! Vinegar is some great stuff! I nominate it for substance of the year!

The only complaint I have about this cleanser is that it does leave a vinegary aroma still on your face. It kind of just lingers there. I don't know about you, but I don't want to walk around all day smelling like a bowl of borscht so if anyone out there and has any suggestions for the "aftertaste" smell let me know. Leave a comment and I'll try them out and report back. Be kind to me though. Please no suggestions of 'stick your head in a beehive'.... :o)

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Music: Modest Mouse "Float On" with lyrics. This is a pretty positive song. I know I'd be upset if a fake Jamaican ripped me off!


Mammatalk said...

Really?? Vinegar? Wow!!

African American Mom said...

Now that is something new to try.

Marrdy said...

Thanks for stopping by. I am hoping to get my life back in order I will start posting again.

And you have one of my most favorite movies of all time listed on your profile. I LOVE Bridge on the River Kwai. Can you jsut hear the music??

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