Sunday, August 16, 2009

Like a Candle In The Wind....

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Did You Know...?
...that air fresheners and candles are not considered food, drug, or cosmetic so there is no requirement for their ingredients to be listed.

Everybody wants their room or house to smell pretty right? Some opt for the floral, some for the fallen pine tree in the woods scent. Whatever it is, we want to be transported to a calmer more happier place when we light 'em up!

But are candles and products of its kind safe for us or are they bad? Like, get booed offstage by the whole audience kind of bad?

I did some researching and came across alot of people saying that candles - the everyday Glades and Febrezes types - can cause harmful toxins to enter our airspace and that they should be avoided. The Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) had a question posed to them on their website of "Can the use of fragrances indoors cause health impacts?" After a bit of some hemming and hawing (I thought) and saying that to some people it affects more than others, they did make their observations known from their own testing. They said that their Indoor Environments Division (IED) "understands that exposure to fragrances can cause some sensitive individuals to experience asthma episodes and other adverse health impacts". Yikes!

There are some smells that I love i.e. fresh laundry, fresh cut grass, Snickers... but the fact that some fragrances can cause damage to your nervous system in different ways was always at the back of my head when it came to purchasing candles and all things Plug Ins. (Plus, did anyone else get that email awhile back warning that Plug Ins will burn your house down? Or was it just me?)

So I really want to have a sweet smelling home to reflect how homey I feel when I'm here. There is a great article on candles here on Care2 (love them!) by Melissa Breyer. In her article she says that a safer and healthier alternative to the conventional candles you find everywhere is the unscented, 100% beeswax candles with a cotton wick. For our vegan friends, they can stick with unscented soy-based candles.

But what if I want to smell pretty and have butterflies flock to me, you say? Well she goes into perfume on a whole.nother.level. so I highly suggest clicking on the link to her article. She gives you tips on homemade perfumes and the best all naturally scented perfume makers in the biz. The first 2 out of the 3 are on the pricey side but Black Pearl Botanicals has some affordable things for purchase. I think I am going to go the make it at home avenue. I love learning new things.

So what products do you use for stinkin' up the place at your abodes? ;o) Does anyone have a good natural candle Co. they use as their go to? How about natural perfumes?

That's all for now humankind. Ta-ta!

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Music: "Sounds Like Life To Me" by Darryl Worley. Ain't nothin' wrong with a little country! I have been humming this song since Friday. They sing such truthful stories...we really get a peak into the male mind sometimes with country songs. I highly recommend it.
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Ilana said...

We love natural candles. We carry palm wax candles, soy wax and soon bees wax candles.

Each of these waxes has its benefits. In common they share a few very good qualities.

1.All these waxes will burn cleanly and will not release harmful soot, black toxic smoke or CO2 into the air, as breathing this over period of time can be unhealthy. Black smoke and soot can also discolour walls, curtains and furniture.
2.The wick will not drown in the natural waxes.
3.We use high level of scent, so your candles will scent the room beautifully even before you light the candles. With the bees wax candles, we do not add any scents. We like the way they release natural honey scent when they burn.

4.Bees wax candles by the act of ionisation, act as air purifiers.
5.All natural candles burn significantly longer then paraffin candles of the same size.
6.Palm wax candles are the perfect pillars. The wax is very firm and will not melt in the sun. The candles do not need memory burning and you can burn them as often and as long as you wish. By trimming the wick when the wall of the candle becomes thin and transparent, you can eliminate any spillages.
7.Soy wax candles are housed in containers. It is a much softer wax and it burns in a much lower temperature. The melted wax will not burn the skin and is great where there are children to consider. You can even dip your finger in the wax and rub it on your hands as a moisturiser.

Mammatalk said...

I heard that the wicks can have lead in them a long time ago. Kinda bummed me out. I love candles. I always buy my candles at Whole Foods. Great post. A good reminder!

Execumama said...

I love candles, but not the smells ( I know, that's weird). So I always buy them, but I never light them. What about incense?? Are they toxic too? If so, I'm in trouble!!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

If I burn candles I always use soy and purchase them at Whole Foods or a store that carries "natural" products. AS far as I know the candles I use have been perfumed with essential oils - I think. I don't burn candles often enough to remember but I think soy is a good alternative to run of the mill candles.

Antique Mascara said...

I love it when butterflies flock to me.... hehe

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