Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Mr. Demille, I'm Ready for My Close-up..."

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This is a special week. Although life matters took precedence over a timely post last week, thank you for stopping in this week to see what I have in store for you all. Like I said this is a special week. Do you know why? It's because this week we have a special guest blogger by way of my girl Sadie of MakeYaBeautiful. What she can accomplish on a fresh face with just an eye pencil is aMAzing.......Now her site is currently under construction, but we will be giving her much love when it's ready for the stampede of us women to get over there and peruse her makeup suggestions and great finds. (Love the run-on right? What better way to get my thoughts out than within 5 seconds and without taking a breath?) So without further adieu, I bid you....

Sadie's Review of Something FABulous!

Hello, my name is Sadie from MakeYaBeautiful. I'm a Makeup Artist in the Tri-state area (NY, NJ, PA) and I am doing a product review on Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel by Talika. This is a conditioner for the eyelash that promotes growth as well as strengthening of the lashes. This product is for anyone who is looking for longer and thicker lashes.

Directions: The product states to use it 2 x a day for 28 days and then once (1) a day after that. Before using, make sure that your lashes have no product on them.

First, I have to state that I truly don't need this product because I have long and curly lashes. (Please, please don't hate me.) Therefore, I did an experiment and had 2 of my clients use this product and WOW the results were amazing! They both loved it and you can truly see the results on both of them. They stated that after 12 days or so they could see the difference. Their mascara's were going on beautifully and didn't need as many coats as before. However, for the best results I suggest that you don't wear any mascara in the first 28 days if possible. If you really need to, then wear as little as possible. The company states that it does not irritate even the most hypersensitive eyes and is suitable for contact lense wearers.

All natural ingredients...

Nettle: Stimulates the eyelash growth
Horse chestnut extract: Strengthens lashes & stimulates blood circulation
Allantoin: Hydrates lashes
Soy lecithin: Carry active ingredients into the lashes
Witch Hazel: Calming and soothing
St. John's Wort: Calming and soothing
Apple Extract: Softens, calms, heals & refreshes

My Rating: I would give Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel a 4 out of 5 only due to the price. On the company site it runs for $46.50 after tax. That's a 10ml/0.35 oz tube which comes with 3 free samples of your choice from a few other products they sell (nice treat!) Would I purchase this again? Yes. If you want to get this but don't feel like paying full price, and are feeling adventurous, I did find a few of these on ebay for half to less than half the price still in their boxes and brand new.

Thanks, Sadie

My big thanks to Sadie for gracing my site with her makeup prowess. Can't wait to see more, lady. She's working on some pretty great things and she's just so good at what she does. Now, I don't have any of these conditioning gel sticks to give away unfortunately, but if any of you ladies know of anyone who has used this product or similar with success let a girl know, okay? Thanks.

Enjoy the great work week ahead!

My best,


Music: The Flaming Lips "Do You Realize?" I chose this song for the first line - Do you have the most beautiful face? Not the whole morbid part about all your friends dying...yuck...The performance on David Letterman definitely is not the best voice they have had. Maybe he was sick that night...hmm?


Darcel said...

Sounds great, but the price almost made me choke, lol

Make Ya Beautiful by Sadie Lynn said...

I hear ya gurl. I totally understand. Hopefully we can find it cheaper some where else. :)

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