Monday, June 8, 2009

Eden Organic Sencha Mint Tea

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Did You Know...
...that green tea has been used as a medicine in China for at least 4,000 years and that herbal teas actually contain no tea leaves at all?

I have been a tea drinker since infancy.  I've loved tea for a very long time! This week I had the wonderful privilege of drinking one of the most delicious of teas.  The review this week is of a tea that I hope you all will also enjoy.  Here we go!

I will admit it - I'm a bit of a tea snob.  I love my tea and I like it a certain way, taste, smell, and feel.  I like my tea to speak to me and take me to new places.  I like it to awaken my senses and bring me joy.  Drinking tea makes me think of new and inspiring possibilities in life.  That's a lot of pressure for one cup of colored water I know - but rarely do my teas not deliver. Growing up in our house, there was always a tea pot on the stove filled with water just in case someone stopped by. "Would you like some tea?" was uttered by my mother countless times. It was glorious.  Time would slow down just enough for that one cup (or 2 or 3) so a dear friend-or new one-could explain their happiness, sorrows or concerns.  I am sure that is where my love for good tea and conversation spawned from.

Ingredients: Organic Sencha Green Tea Leaves Camellia sinensis, Organic Spearmint Leaves, Organic Peppermint Leaves
The Yum:  This tea is just yum from the jump. You can enjoy it either hot or cold.  I did it both ways but the cold I enjoyed in a very non-traditional way.  I used it as a base for lemonade.  I'll come back to that.  First, I tried it hot and yes I have strayed far from the tea roots my mother laid and I am now a tea microwaver - as I hang my head in shame... but for good reason people! I am tre busy these days juggling my life and I can't always just have a pot sitting there doing absolutely nothing but holding water until I'm thirsty for some good tea....wait a second I soooo can do that and I'm a cop out.  I AM going to do that from now on! Friends who now knock, expect some tea!!!!  ...Back to the tea...  I steeped it in hot water, not boiling, because green tea leaves are delicate (I learned that at this great tea site: for 5 minutes and then straight from there I took a sip. Ahh...true poetry.  Notice how I didn't say I added sugar or honey?  Cause I didn't.  It's just that good.  It tastes so velvety and has a hint of sweet to it on it's own.  As I am writing this I'm drinking it and I still don't feel like I am missing too much without the honey. Believe me, it's mm...just a hug.  It combines all of my favorite things: green tea, peppermint and spearmint. I love the coolness the mints put out there also. *Another flashback to my youth - enter Wayne's World wavy lines* Growing up in NY, I don't know if it was just native to our area, but we had fresh peppermint growing out of the foundation of our house practically all around the house.  This wonderful provision translated into fresh peppermint tea all winter long.  Ahhh the 80's...  I said I also tried it cold.  I squeezed one lemon into a pitcher and then in a regular ol' mug I steeped one bag of tea (5 min) and then added it to the lemon juice.  Added sugar to taste, and it came out pretty good I must say.

The Facts:  This tea comes in a typical tea box with 16 individual tea bags. Net Wt. 1.12 oz. Now since I got this from an acquaintance I had to look for official pricing. The cheapest place I found it was actually on the Eden Foods website for $3.68 a box. There you can buy just the box with 16 bags or you have the option of buying in bulk a case of the good stuff for $39.74. This tea is made by Eden Foods and the box is good stuff in itself.  It's printed with vegetable ink on recycled cardboard.  Whoever gets this tea, how awesome is the tea cup on the box?  I think it's just adorable.  

So do I agree with this tea?  You betcha.  It makes me want to wear a t-shirt that says 'I heart T' and then get quizzical looks in Wal-Mart because they'll think I'm into new-age Euro bands. I only wish I had more than 16 bags to enjoy.  I guess the limited quantity makes it that extra special.  Anyone can stuff 36 bags of tea in a box (yeah I'm talkin' to you Lipton!), but then doesn't supply and demand kick in and you kinda feel like - eh, there's so much, I can take it or leave it? This is 16 bags that I think I will try and stretch out...yeah. Definitely.

I know it's been awhile folks, but this is believe it or not, a giveaway week. I have reviewed and deemed this product worthy to pass along.  To win a box of this tea, leave a comment (just one - who has all that time?) about what your favorite tea is and I will gladly try them and expand my repertoire.  I will reveal the winner on Friday (I can't do month-long giveaways or else I'll forget about it) by using our trusty

Happy tea tastings!

My best, 


Music: Dave Mathews Band "Everyday".  Chose this song just for the simple reason of wouldn't this be a great day? (The 1st music video officially for the song) The health benefits of getting a hug should be studied. Probably already have been.  The huggers must be tea drinkers...


Kim said...

This is my first post, what can I say, I'm not a poster. Honestly I am not a big tea drinker but I'm trying b/c I love the health benefits. I'm pretty picky about what I eat and drink (and pretty much everything else in life) but I am going to give this tea a try b/c my friend Lynn loves it so much. Even if I have to pay for it myself. :-)

Sunshinelovespeace said...

I have a few favorite teas, but since I am expecting I had to give them up for a while. My tea that I am enjoying these days however is Chamomile Organic tea made by Yogi Tea.

I love Yogi tea because they give you infomation on the box about the uses of each particular tea and they give you a yoga pose to accompany the tea.

Chamomile is great because I tend to be a little anxious at times and it has the most calming effect. I drink at least two glasses a day. I love this stuff.
And no more excuses keep that pot on. I always have hot water just in case! You can do it!

teesha said...

green tea all the way! It gives me so much energy! =)

Lynn said...

Kim-I want to do another post on the health benefits too because I realized that I didn't really mention how good this tea is for us.

Sunshine-chamomile is my go-to on stressful days too.

My best, Lynn

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

My favorite tea is a mix from teavana - apple, lemon, pomegranate, ruby orange. Simply delicious!

Michelle said...

My favorite is peppermint tea. I like the Trader Joe's brand, but if I see a new brand in the same flavor, I'll try it, too.

Awesome tribute to tea, I love it!

ikkinlala said...

May Canadians enter? My favourite tea right now is genmai cha. I bought it in bulk, so I don't have a brand name.

Lynn said...

Bonjour ikkinlala - Sure bring on the Canadians! You've given us some of our finer entertainers. Jim Carrey (mid-90's version), Alan Thicke, and Alanis Morrisette (also mid-90's version).

My best, Lynn

Risa said...

I am so glad you found my blog because now I know about yours! I am only just becoming a ea drinker because my family were coffee drinkers. I never enjoyed coffee so I assumed I did not like tea. So far Green tea is my favorite.

Myiam said...

Hey Lynn, Love you story about the tea...If you are a tea lover you will love my girlfriend's homeblend teas. Go check it out.
She is also a tea lover from family tradition. Mothers passing tea recipes to daughters from one generation to the next. If you write her tell her Mimi says hi. Oh and before I forget, you can find clams at any grocery store (Mimi from Mouth teaser) and Celtic salt is a high quality sea salt with loads of minerals and nutrients that are good for you unless the processed table salt (you can find it in most health stores or order it online).

Frippery said...

Sounds wonderful. As a lemonade base, what a great idea. I am feeling rather thirsty now!

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