Sunday, May 3, 2009

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal

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...the human underarm is among the warmest areas on the surface of the human body, and sweat glands excrete moisture, which has a vital cooling effect?

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I have been gone quite a while people, I know.  I have had it all.  Writers block, carpal tunnel, low on funds, the blahs, nothing to say, nothing to review.  

But that all stops today!  I'm back y'all!  With a whole new perspective too. Things are going to get better. The clouds are here, but not forever right? Spring is here and green is everywhere and food is delicious this time of year. Everything just seems a whole lot fresher when the weather is nice right? I think so. AND I have a review of a product this week. 

I finally got back on the wagon and took this new product for a spin. It's deodorant. I have been looking for a new deodorant for the longest time. Like I said a while back, I am changing my cosmetic and personal body products out slowly but surely and this time it's my pits that are getting an overhaul. (I'm sorry.  I was raised with all brothers growing up.  They would be proud.) Here's the review...

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On:  
I was strolling down the aisle of our local Publix around 10 in the a.m. (that's when the sun really starts to cook ya) with my husband one day when I sniffed and whispered "Babe, what's that smell" and since I'm short and he's tall (my 5'2" frame vs. his 6'2") he doesn't usually smell things that I do until about a whole 30 seconds later, he said "what smell?" I kept walking a few feet before I realized 'oh no, that smell is me', and in the rush of getting us all out of the house, the kids looking great, me not so much, and everyone fed, I had long  since forgotten to apply any kind of deodorant. Now I was stinkin' up the place (my immediate vicinity and about a 1/2 foot perimeter around me) with my odorant. Welcome to my world where I give too much information! So I steer all of us in the direction of the deodorant aisle and I'm cringing at all of my choices because I knew that I was planning a trip to the Health Foods store to get this very product that week. I found this deodorant hiding behind a display of lint brushes. It was the only one of its kind so I grabbed it and let's just end the story there. Let's leave it at it was purchased and used. 

It has a lot of good stuff in it such as water, natural mineral salts and  chamomile extract. However, it had some ingredients that I have grown to be not-so-fond-of. Phenoxyethanol is a preservative that has been tested by the Environmental Working Group and has shown signs of toxicity. It has been restricted in Japan and the European Union won't allow it. The E.P.A. data sheets show "chromosomal changes and genetic mutation effects in testing as well as testicular atrophy and reproductive damage in mice"(thegreenbeautyguide). Warn your men! Also, something to note, it does contain Xanthan Gum which is a derivative of corn. So if you are allergic to corn, you may be allergic to this.  

It was an alright run while it lasted. My qualms about this deodorant was that I had to reapply it too many times during the day. Now I'm not sure if this is something that I will just have to get used to with natural deodorant. I don't mind if that is the case, I'd rather have a little inconvenience now, than suffer later even more. In high stress situations sometimes the roll-on would completely fail me (trying to get my 2 year old to sit still long enough to braid her hair), but other times (a 2 hour game of tennis) it would hold up just fine. Weird, huh? My conclusion and thoughts on this are that I'm going to have to shelve it just because of the Phenoxyethanol. That ingredient creeps me out now. The search goes on for my new deodorant... let me know if you know of any. I'd love any suggestions. Next week, a tasty recipe for our bodies. Yum-o!

My best, 


Music: Bjork, "It's Oh, So Quiet". She's so wonderfully weird isn't she? It's like, you wish you were her friend, but only on days that she takes her medicine, because you're scared she might punch you...  Play the 2nd video that's the official video.  The 3rd video is a live version with dancers that forgot their clothes apparently.  Pictures from 123rf and tccd
Music Info.: YouTube is putting up 8 different versions of this song and video alternating 4 at a time.  Wait for the 4 that start with a young man with a guitar in the first video picture.  That is the 4 you can select from.  Like I said up above, pick either the 2nd or 3rd one.  On one of the other 4 there is a cute just married couple that dance to this for their reception song.  


Wifey said...

I'll be paying attention to see if you find one you like. My husband tries a lot of natural deodorants so I'll make sure to let you know if he finds a winner, too.

Winks & Smiles,

Mammatalk said...

I heard the same thing about this type of deodorant. Curious if there are any that work well...Glad to have ya back!

Lynn said...

Wifey - thanks. keep me posted.

Mamma - yeah a few other people have now told me the same thing. I'll just have to keep looking though.

Lizz said...

Thanks for the review. The only other natural deodorant I've tried was Tom's and I swear, by night time I smelled worse than if I had gone without! Disappointing.

I'm a SITSgirl too and I'm also looking for ways to green up my life a little at a time! I'll follow ya! Thanks!


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