Thursday, March 12, 2009

DINCH...It's a Cinch!

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This is a continuation of my NPR interview (with myself...ahem) on what phthalates and DINCH are and why we should care...

Q: What is DINCH?
A: DINCH is short for (wait for it) diisononylcyclohexane dicarboxylate. Whew!  Long name. Amazing results. Anyone remember that radio ad? Nevermind that's neither here nor there...

Q: Is it a better alternative?
A: I am going to have to say it really depends on who you ask.  If you ask manufacturers they would say "Oh yeah! It's great! We love it!" but could it be because it is really inexpensive to use? People are out to make money and not lose it, so if something they need is not expensive and gets the job done, then how safe it is for their customers basically falls by the wayside. So my answer to this would be that it's a cheaper alternative for sure. 

Q: Is it safe?
A: Right now the US does not require Co.'s to list all of the chemicals in their products. However, California has passed 2 laws that will soon require them to list all of the chemicals their products contain and the list will be available online. Awesome, right? Yeah. There is also a little matter of there not being any peer-reviewed conclusive public studies on the safety of it. The simple reason that this is a chemical being so widely used around the world and babies are affected by it because they really do gum a piece of plastic to death if you let them.  

This is the point in the interview where I realized that I unfortunately don't have nearly any or as much information on the DINCH as I did with the phthalates and I start to cry....but don't fear loyal readers because I promise to keep my ear to the floor and listen for any rumblings about this particular chemical.  I promise.

My best, Lynn

P.S.  I have a product that I think you will all like and it's a million dollars!  We can all afford that right?  Just kidding. Stay tuned for the Monday post y'all!
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Mammatalk said...

Hey, little lady. I'm from LA. This whole 4 season thing is really throwing me for a loop!

Love the post, btw. You are really educating me.

Michael and Ermilene C said...
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Lynn said...

If I can educate just one person, I've done my job...but hopefully more than that are being educated. :o)


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