Monday, February 2, 2009


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The product this week was given to me by my brother.  I didn't think he was into this sort of stuff so it was a pleasant surprise. My mom has been using it for awhile and she really liked it so I     figured it was high time that I gave it a try.

Review:  This soap is 100% olive oil and it contains no animal fats.  It is not tested on animals.  It's hypoallergenic (for those with sensitive skin that just means its "less likely" to irritate your skin but it still may). It has a natural green color to it and the box says it's from the chlorophyll in the olive oil.  These are the ingredients:  saponified virgin olive oil, water, glycerin (for the lather), and fragrance (it smells heavenly and I haven't had any negative reactions to my skin)  I really like this and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good soap.  I even use it on the kiddies @ bath time.  They have combination skin and they always come out of the tub feeling as soft as the day they were born.

Pros: The benefits of olive oil in skin and body care has been long documented as being very
beneficial to our well-being.  The CEO of Olivella says, "The soaps, creams and moisturizers have emollient and softening properties, which prevent the skin from aging and protect it from the free radicals negative action." She also says it's suitable for dry or oily skins and it could be defined as the "natural Mediterranean diet for our skins". (olivellaline) Gotta love that comparison right?

Cons: There are only 2 cons I have with this soap.  1. It dissolves quicker than a "normal" bar of soap that you may be used to so that means you will be purchasing more.  2. It leaves a slimy trail on your soap tray in the bathroom.  It doesn't look appealing at all but I say, who cares? It's only going to be you seeing it - unless you have those house guests who peer into every corner when they go to the bathroom! 

Where to get it:  I searched for a great price on this and I found it in two different places. QVC has a set of 5 for (after S&H) $23.72. They don't sell single bars.  However, I did find single bars on AND they have Fragrance Free also (it's a 3.52 oz).  If  you want to try it out first before committing to a large bulk order, then this is your best shot.  The regular sized 5.29 are on sale @ $2.99 w/ $7.29 S&H fees for a total of $10.28.  The fragrance free (3.52 oz) is on sale for $2.25 w/ the same S&H fees for a total of $9.54.   

So I loved this product this week and if you want to win it before you buy it, remember, just leave a comment by clicking on the comments line at the bottom of this post.  Winners are announced on Fridays!  Have a great Monday and a great week!

My best, Lynn

Music: Paul Potts on Britains Got Talent - this man went on to win the whooole thing! Great story.  Then, I saw him sing on the today show to Matt, Meredith, Al and Ann.  Good pipes. This video gives me chills every time. 


Michele said...

Hmmm....Gotta try this one.

Antique Mascara said...

That Potts guy has an awesome voice! That song makes me want to cry, sometimes. That Olive Oil soap sounds good enough to eat.

Emily said...

Ooh, that looks nice! I wish it were Leaping Bunny approved -- I'd definitely buy it!

Pink Ink said...

My son's skin is always so dry; I wonder how it'd respond to this product.

Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

Lynn said...

I was worried about using the kids Johnsons products on them still so I looked at the bar, then back at the kids, back to the bar, and then scrubbed them babies down. Voila! Excellent smell to them before bed and like I said their skin was pristine. My kids have about 5 different nationalities coursing through their veins and sadly my daughter gets the dryness from me. This soap has really helped her with it on her body. AVOID EYE CONTACT HOWEVER!!DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's freezing up here in NY and everyone's skin is dry and cracking. So I'd give it a try. If it's good, which I'm sure it is, I will recommend it. -VF

Lynn said...

Michele, you done did it again! Congrats. must be on your payroll... ;o)

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