Saturday, December 6, 2008

All Products are Not Created Equal

Did You Know...

...although you may be purchasing a great all natural, organic product you may still be allergic to what herbs, spices, roots, fruits, or vegetables may be in it? Unfortunately, even natural can irritate your skin. If you know you are allergic to certain foods, you might want to hold off on slathering it on your skin also.

After looking at the 10 Synthetic Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid on O.C.A. I researched the skin care industry and learned that a large portion of it is not regulated by the Gov't. and they are not required to disclose this type of information to us. Labeling on products are not held up to much scrutiny either. Anybody can slap "natural" or "organic" on the label and no one would be the wiser unless you really searched for the information.  We consumers want better, expect better, and will get better products as more people educate themselves on what they are putting into their systems.  Stop me if I get too preachy. So what will we be reviewing this week? Lets get into it shall we?

This week we tested the New Jergens naturals Refresh Daily Moisturizer.  Lynn...take a deep breath....whew...okay.  Now when I first bought this product and brought it home with me I was still "green" shall we say to all the ingredients inside.  I took Jergens for their word and was completely jazzed that I was doing something good by using such a 'natural' product. After I did my nightly routine I used the lotion as a body cream and not on my face.  We have an aesthetician in the family that said this moisturizer is not for the face.  So I stuck with elbows, arms, and legs.  The cream really did it's job I'll tell you that. Don't get too excited though, here comes the rub.  I wake up the next day and my skin is just as glisteny (not a word, so don't quote me) as the minute after I put it on.  I didn't have to reapply this cream until the following early afternoon - around 2-ish.   Now that is longevity that I have rarely seen in any cream I have purchased in a long while.  So initially, right out of the pump bottle my impressions were wonderful and I was excited to really get down to the nuts and bolts of this product.  What I found deserves a new paragraph altogether... I started looking into all of the ingredients on the back of the bottle.  I mean ALL of the ingredients - not one was safe.  What I ended up finding was shocking, interesting, and weird.  I'll just tell you since I hate when game shows do the whole build up (what suitcase will she open next? We'll find out just after this commercial...COME ON!) Anyway, out of the 38 ingredients that were listed, I red flagged (that's bad) 15 ingredients as being just down right terrible.  My husband, my walking calculator, helped me do the math and figure out that I had flagged just under 40% (39.47 to be exact) of these ingredients as being harmful.  Let's see which ones.

I will nutshell it for you because I am working on a Vocabulary post for this Monday, but please just go with it for now. Many of these ingredients show up numerous times on many what I like to call "Watchdog Lists" on organic sites.  The 15 from this product are:
Menthol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Ceteareth-20, PEG-100 stearate, Trideceth-9, Propylene Glycol, Caprylyl Glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, DMDM Hydantoin, Phenoxyethanol, and last but not least Ethylhexylglycerin.

A few of these are just preservatives that are known irritants and can cause allergic reactions. (i.e. caprylyl glycol along with 1,2-hexanediol, fragrance, DMDM hydantoin)  Others are used as binders but can have severe effects on our skin and bodies and have been known to cause cancer in animals (the verdict is still out on how effective animal testing really is when comparing the results to humans - you get both your yay and nay sayers).  For instance, Propylene Glycol is a substance that prevents things from drying out - nice right? Not completely, because it's actually like a little drill penetrating your skin.  It's super effective at doing so, so much so that the EPA gave a warning to factory workers to avoid skin contact with it to prevent brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities.  This is the same ingredient that you can find inside tire sealant, de-icer, degreasers, and wallpaper stripper. It's known health effects are throat irritation, headache, kidney problems, oedema (swelling).  This can also be found in many skin "firming" lotions.  Trideceth-9 shows to be a skin irritant in animals and 1 or more animal studies show liver effects at high doses.  Then there are the ones that can cause cancer.  The culprits? DMDM Hydantoin, which contains formaldehyde (it thought it could hide from me) which is a known irritant and potential carcinogen (a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue).  Like I said, there are ingredients in here that are just WRONG.  Come back and take a look this coming Monday and I will have all this written up and in an easy to read format.  There's just so much to say..but for now I will stick to this particular product.  

There were many good things about this product with all the good oils (jojoba, soybean, sunflower) and fruit and herb extracts, but for me all the red flag ingredients really just made me want to bring it right back to whence it came and move on to the NEXT!  Gotta shout out that NEXT like a cranky old lady just before her lunch break at the DMV.  So in my humble opinion - you can take it or leave it - I wouldn't give this moisturizer a second chance even it was chasing me down the street with free money in it's hand., yeah I wouldn't give it a 2nd chance.  It was inexpensive clocking in around 6 dollars at WalMart but still I'm sadly going to have to give this a 1 carrot rating.
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